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Sharon blows up the assumption that mothers should opt for one approach over another, encouraging women to pick and choose what works for them and their babies and to honor flexibility over any dogma or parenting camp.

I admire her reflections in this book because she portrays her experience with all of the blemishes, mishaps, and frustrations that come with becoming a mother.

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Becoming Mother is not a dreamy rendering of what motherhood might be.  It is real and raw and genuine, and doesn’t hide the sticky, scary parts.  It’s gritty and messy and imperfect; uplifting, contemplative, and poetic.  A detailed and honest account of one woman’s journey through pregnancy, birth, and the ever complex process of infant care.  And actually, so much more.

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…she invites the reader to come along with her on the journey of pregnancy, childbirth, and new motherhood and doesn’t hold back. She gives readers the truth, her truth, of course, but with universal sentiments and her own hard-earned wisdom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Has your writing been published elsewhere?

A: Yes. Please check out these links.

Q:  May I request a complimentary copy of the book from you?

A: If you’d like a printed copy, let’s talk. Send me an email me at with the name of the publication that you represent and we’ll go from there.

Q: Are you available for an interview?

A: Yes. Phone or email interviews are easier for me, but I’m willing to do face-to-face interviews if the location is close enough (I live in Dayton, Ohio). Please contact me at and we’ll schedule a time.

I also have a 16-minute interview available, where I respond to frequently asked questions.

Feel free to use this, if it answers your questions, but please notify me if you feature my book in or on your blog, website, magazine, or other publication!

Q: Do you do book signings?

A: Yes. Let’s talk about time and place and how I’m getting there. If it’s within driving distance (max. 2 hours from Dayton) I’ll consider it. If I need to fly, let’s talk about how to make that happen.

Q: Do you have a press release to share?

A: Yes. Please send me an email for a copy.

Q: Are you a full-time writer? 

A: No. I teach English as a Second Language at a university from mid-August to the end of June. I have six weeks off during the summer–and this is usually when I have the most time to devote to writing and publishing.

Q: Who is your publisher?

A: I am self-publishing through Amazon’s CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Self-Publishing.

Q: Why did you self-publish this book? Why not go the traditional route of a major publishing house?

A: Time. I’ve been through the process of querying agents before and it can take forever to even find someone to represent you. I wanted to publish this book while I was still a mother of a young child–and traditional publishing can takes years. I’ve also matured greatly in my writing ability over the past fifteen years, so I now have the confidence to say, I bet I can do this on my own and still reach a lot of people. You can judge my writing ability for yourself. Hop on over to the Index page and take a look at some posts that I’ve written.

For me, this is not about the money. I will have to sell a lot of books to recoup the costs of two summers of daycare. So it’s not about the money. It’s about doing this on my own terms, in my own time, in my own voice. And that is not always guaranteed once a publishing house gets its hands on a book, especially if it’s written by a new author.

Q: Why self-publish through Amazon?

A: Distribution. Can you think of a more well-known distributor of books? And their royalty packages for self-published authors are not bad for writers just starting out. Sure, this book won’t be sold in brick and mortar bookstores. But for me, this process is all about getting this book into as many hands as possible.


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