About the book

It’s time for a new kind of pregnancy book–one that explores more than the physical changes. One that delves into the messy mental and emotional turmoil of becoming a mother. One that explores how we walk the line between control and surrender. One that doesn’t look away or reduce what is monumental into a cliche.Book-Cover-Becoming-Mother-Kindle

So I speak to you

non-parent, who wonders what really warrants a book on this topic.

new mother, who wonders what other women went through in this process.

experienced mother, who has forgotten that fragile state of new motherhood.

soon-to-be father, who wonders what his partner will go through.

But most of all, I speak to you, first-time expecting mother.

You are wondering what will become of your life. Your body. Your mind. Your self.

What is the worst thing that will happen to you. And the best.

How this might affect your marriage. Your career. Your ability to live comfortably.

You are wondering all of these things because all that there is right now is you.

But what happens when “you” becomes two?



I don’t have all of the answers. But I have a story. And so does every mother.

What you will find is encouragement. That there is not just one way to give birth. That there are so many ways that women experience the postpartum period. And that even though the transformation into mother happens every day, it is still difficult and soul-testing. And one that we need to constantly recognize and celebrate.

What you will find in this book is a real story. From a real mother. About real joy, real pain, real struggle, and real love.

About the Author, Sharon Tjaden-Glass

Contact: becomingmotherblog@gmail.com

Where to buy: Amazon

Price: Print, $12.99, Kindle, $4.99


Here, I answer some frequently asked questions:

Why should pregnant women buy “Becoming Mother?” 

How is your experience similar to many mothers? How is it different?