Book Update: Five days to go, CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES!

by Sharon Tjaden-Glass

Still on target for making “Becoming Mother” available for purchase on Saturday, August 1st! Right now, you can pre-order the Kindle version ($6.99), but the printed book will be available (hopefully!) by the end of the week.

Recently accomplished:

  • Became a Goodreads author and added my book to Goodreads. You can now follow me as an author and post a review of the book on Goodreads.
  • Wrote a four-part series on “The Birth of This Book,” in which I explore the complex question of “How did you write this book?” In Part 1, I tackled the questions of what and why. In Part 2, I addressed the who and how. Later this week, Part 3 will address how I created the title and cover, and Part 4 will address first-time mothers directly.
  • Followed up with book reviewers and queried new potential book reviewers. Which reminds me–If you read this book, I would greatly appreciate your Amazon review! Just navigate to the book’s page and type in your review.

What’s going on this week:

  • Sending press releases: I’m reaching out to local publications like Dayton Daily News, The City Paper, and Ohio Magazine, as well as university publications (Miami University, Wright State University, and University of Dayton). If you have a suggestion about where I should send a press release, please let me know!
  • Approving the proof for the printed book: I got the first printed proof of the book on Saturday. What a great moment! There were just a few adjustments in the placement of text on the cover that we needed to change, but the interior looks great. I’m expecting the final proof to be absolutely beautiful.
  • CEEEE-le-BRATE good times COME ON!: i.e., going to a fancy-pants dinner at Rue Dumaine to commemorate a job well done.

    Me, 6 days pregnant–totally unaware that I was pregnant or that I would someday write a book about it, November 2012.