Book Update: 2 months to go!

by Sharon Tjaden-Glass

“How’s the book coming?”

I’ve been hearing this a lot lately, so it’s time for an update. Here’s a streamlined status update:

  • Projected publication date: August 2015
  • Where to buy: Amazon
  • Editions available: print version, $12.99, Kindle version, $6.99 (and you don’t need to own a Kindle to read it! You can read it online through Amazon’s website under “Your Account” and “Manage Content and Devices.”)

Other progress and successes:

  • Many thanks to all my readers who have read drafts until this point! You have given me invaluable feedback on organization and structure, as well as feedback about passages that just didn’t work for you, and questions that you still had at the end of the book. But most of all, you’ve made me feel that this is an important story to tell and that it is worth the effort.
  • The book cover is almost complete, thanks to the very talented visual artist, Suzy Richardt: I hope to have final versions to share at some point in July.
  • ISBNs are purchased. ($300!!! And did you know that if I lived in Canada, they would be free?)
  • Awaiting reviews from two book reviewers.

To-Do List

  • Editing and proofing are still ongoing. This is how I will spend the majority of my time in July–painstakingly editing, checking, rechecking, reuploading, changing, converting, and reconverting files. Woot.
  • Once the book is published, I’ll be sending it to the Portland Book Review and Self-Publishing Reviews for more reviews.
  • I plan to opt-in to the Kindle Daily Select Program, which allows Amazon to sell the book for a super-low rate for a few days. This is one way to boost sales and appeal to a wider audience.

I hope to also be adding more posts in the coming weeks. After surviving another long winter of daycare viruses (not nearly as bad as last year!), settling into our new house, and finally seeing the end of this academic year in sight (come quickly, June 30th!!!!), it’s easier to fit in the time to write. I’ll be putting out more content on motherhood, toddlerdom, and beyond.